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Rube’s Ramblin’s—A Rube Guest Post

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Greetings Friends. Well.. Rube has some more of his country wisdom to share with us all.  So without further ado,  here’s Rube.

Howdy Folks; I was readin’ some old newspapers of the 1960s this week that I had come across.  At first glance a feller would think as how he was readin’ today’s papers.  Them politicians was talkin’ about how the gove’ment was coming up a bit short of  havvin’ enough money to cover expenses.

They were  about a billion short here, a billion short there, a  billion short everywhere.  They were makin’ a billion dollars sound like it was just  chicken feed.  They weren’t much different from the politicians today. Now, I’m usually a purty easy goin’ sort, but them politicians in Washington are really startin’ to git under my skin.They got about as much business sense as a chicken, and that ain’t sayin’ much for the chicken.

And it ain’t just the Democrats, neither.  Them Republicans is just as bad as the Democrats.  Take that Mr. Boehner, fer instant.  Like the wise old Indian chief used to say, he speaks with a forked tongue.  He says one thing knowin’ full well when push comes to shove, he’s a gonna do an about face.  He talks the talk, but he sure don’t walk the walk.  I reckon he puts more stock in playin’ golf with that Obama feller, than doin’ what’s right fer the country.

Now days the politicians  ain’t even talkin’ in billions no more; now they’ve graduated up to  usin’ the term trillion.  I guess it’s because two trillion don’t sound quite so bad as two thousand billion.  That’s how much they’re predictin’ our gove’ment is gonna be in the red each of the next couple of years.

I set my mind to thinkin’ the other day about how much a billion dollars really is, and I come up with this example that puts a bit more light on the subject. Let’s say if’n a man gives his missus a billion dollars to run the house on, but tells her she can’t spend but a thousand dollars a day,  I can tell you right now, folks, she won’t be a pesterin’ him fer any money fer a long time, because it will take her nigh on to 3,000 years afore she needs any more.  As a matter of fact the exact number is 2739 years, 8 months, and 21.3 days.  Now that’s a mite more perspective on what a billion dollars really is, if’n you ask me.

Now multiply that by one thousand and you’ll see how long it will take his misses to spend a trillion dollars on household expenses, exceptin’ if you’re that Mr. Obama and them Washington politicians.  They  can spend a trillion dollars faster’n a scared mouse can scurry across a room.  It’s mind bogglin’, folks, but what ruffles my feathers is that them politicians in Washington thinks we’re too gall darn dumb to figger it out.

Seems as how the gove’ment is always a comin up short, and it keeps a gettin’ worse ever year. I’m gittin a mite  tired of them politicians  lyin’ to us all the time and throwin all that money around like a bunch a drunkin’ sailors who ain’t seen shore leave fer six months.

I’m thinkin’ it’s downright immoral  to pass on a eighteen trillion dollar debt to our kids, grandkids, and maybe even our great grandkids to pay off. I was listenin’ to the radio while me and Old Gertrude (you know my 1941 Black Ford pickup truck) was drivin into town the other day.  That Sean Hannity fellter and another feller was talkin about the national debt and the wrangle a goin’ on about raisin’ the debt ceiling.  I don’ know why they’re wranglin’, we all know they’re gonna raise it agin just like they’ve always done.

I swear, folks, if we have to have them politicians, and I suppose we do, I think we’d all be better off to give them in the House of Representatives a two year paid vacation and tell ’em to stay home. Since the money bills have to originate in the House, if’n they all stayed home, they couldn’t do no mischief like they been doin’ all these years.

We was  havin’ coffee down at the coffee shop the other day, and old Jake Doonuttin said it was the gove’ment’s duty and responsibility to take care of the poor folks what don’t have no job.  Well, I guess I can understand his way of thinkin’.  I’ve known old Jake fer nigh on to  sixty years, and I ain’t knowed him to have a job in all them years.

But to git back to this debt problem.   I reckon most people don’t understand the how serious the problem really is.  They keep sayin’ what’s the problem.  We only owe the debt to ourselves, anyway.  But that ain’t the case no more, folks.  As I see it,  we owe most of that money to those Chi-com people, and if’n they decide to call their notes, I’m here to tell you, we’re in a heap of trouble.  Since we don’t have no money to pay the debt,  I reckon as how we have but two choices; that is to default on the debt, or print money to pay the notes.

Now if’n we print the money to pay off the debt,  we have the same situation them German folks had in 1924, where the German Mark didn’t have no more value than wallpaper.  If we default on the debt and wipe the books clean, who is gonna loan us anymore money?  Them folks here in the U.S.A. who holds some of that debt, wouldn’t have near the money in savins’ that they thought they had, and I see a heap of confusion and chaos about that, too.

So, it looks to me like we’ve got ourselves into a heap of trouble, and the only way out as I see it, is to bite the bullet, and shape up.  Our gove’ment is too dang big; it’s a dragon with a voracious appetite, that needs to be cut down to size, I’m thinkin’. See ya next time, folks. —Rube

So… after hearing Rube’s thoughts on current events, maybe you would like to venture a little farther back in history to the 1940s to an even simpler and slower time.  Back to a time when Buddy Crawford was growing up in rural small town America.  You can get a peek at this era and Buddy’s adventures from reading my book Buddy…His Trials and Treasures. You can get a free copy simply by clicking on the free download button at upper right of this page.  Enjoy. Rube’s image courtesy of Lori Corbett-Third Raven Degign  lcorbett@cableone.net

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