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Shadow Revolution Final e-book coverWhat if there were a 21st. century-style revolution in the United States?  This is the subject of Will Edwinson’s new spellbinding novel entitled SHADOW REVOLUTION. Titus Coppard and the revolutionists have had it with over-regulation and government encroachment into their private lives. An exodus to 18 Western states by these like-minded people ensues for the purpose of gaining ideological control of the respective legislatures and seceding  from the Union to form the new “Free States of North America.

Will this start another civil war if the old United States declares war on the new Free States.  What if the old United States were taken by surprise and reduced to a pre-1900 life-style if the Free States were to unleash a secret weapon—a non-conventional, non-nuclear weapon? Do they succeed in their quest, or are they discovered and their plan thwarted?

We The PeopleTune in to later episodes to learn more.

Editorial review: AP award winning columnist Richard Larsen–President of Larsen Financial Services.

The Mayflower

The Mayflower

Will Edwinson is a master of the political novel genre, which, coupled with his knowledge of American history, makes this a riveting read.  Not only is this a very human tale of intrigue and calculated risk, but readers will find issues to ponder and reflect upon long after the book is read. This is a book that will grab your attention with the first page, and have your complete attention to the very end. The storyline is intriguing, the characters, believable, and the basis of the book is drawn right from today’s headlines. 

An excerpt:  If you were certain you could not fail, what is the one thing you would want to accomplish? 

Titus Coppard is on such a quest.

This is his story. 

July, 2010. 


While this story lacks the technical detail of a Clancy novel, it contains some of the same intrigue with a little something for everybody.  There is romance, a tiny bit of science fiction, and much political intrigue.   

Coming soon at www.amazon.com.

Will **************************************************************************** LouIsa Cover Photo In the meantime, while you’re waiting for SHADOW REVOLUTION, you might want to check out my latest novel just released entitled, LouIsa: Iron Dove of The Frontier. LouIsa is an interesting woman.  She is tough as nails, and yet gentle as a dove.  She can wrangle little dogies and cattle with the best of cowboys, then put on her best party gown and be perfectly comfortable with Vassar graduates. She plays classical music in frontier saloons, and wins the cowboys over into liking it.   They soon learn that you don’t mess with LouIsa.  She is a crack shot with her custom made .38 caliber LouIsa Special revolver, and she is not afraid to use it when necessary as one hapless rowdy discovered the hard way when she shot him where no man wants to be shot after he thought he was going to have his way with her. LouIsa was married in real life to Morgan Earp until he was murdered one night while shooting  pool in Tombstone, Arizona. The novel is available in Kindle and print versions at www.amazon.com. Enjoy.

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Shadow Revolution Final e-book cover
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