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SHADOW REVOLUTION Preview–episode five

Episode Five

Shadow Revolution Final e-book coverWill Edwinson PhotoGreetings fellow blog followers.  Well, we continue the saga of  the SHADOW REVOLUTION preview with episode five.

Maura O’keefe, Titus’ love interest, is introduced into the story and comes onboard to help with the campaign.

An excerpt from chapter six.

Titus watched as Maura O’Keefe drove into the car agency parking lot. He thought about how much he liked and admired her. She was nearly 20 years his junior, but they still shared many things in common. They had met about a year earlier when he sold her a new car, and his attraction to her continued from that first day. Her long, flaming, red hair, indicative of her Irish heritage, accented her tall, willowy, five-foot-nine-inch stature. Her slender hips flowed into long sensual legs, and her small, but shapely breasts were exquisite. A high intelligence was reflected in her goddess-like face and in her blue-gray eyes. Not only was she physically attractive, she also possessed a razor sharp mind with negotiating skills akin to the old horse-trader style of his grandfather. Titus respected that and enjoyed sparring with her.

She exuded a purity and innocence that sparked a desire to cloak her in his protection. They hit it off almost immediately, and he was comfortable in her company. Maura was the first woman to capture as much of his heart as had Mary, his late wife. At last he found someone whom he thought could be another soul mate. He had been in a relationship or two over the years, but none that could replace Mary—not until he met Maura, anyway. . . .

. . .Titus had summoned her to his office this morning for a special reason. He recognized Maura’s organizational abilities and decided to take her into his confidence. They exchanged small talk over a cup of coffee, after which he’d explained to her why he had called her in.

“Maura,” he said, “I’ve asked you in here this morning because I have something very important I need done, and I think you’re the one to do it. I’ve watched you this past year and have gained great respect for your mind and abilities.”

He took a reflective pause before he spoke again. “Are you familiar with an underground movement known as the Revolutionists?”

“I’ve heard a little bit about them.”

“What have you heard?”

“That they are some sort of tax-protest group and the IRS is getting ready to crack down on them.”

“That’s all you’ve heard about them?”


“Have you heard anything about who may be at the head of this movement?”

“Not really. Wait a minute, I did hear something about that. Someone by the name of Brian Manning, I believe. The IRS has had a running investigation against him for two or three years now. Is he the head of the group?”

“Not exactly, but he is involved. I’ll tell you more about him later when I’ve filled you in on what it is I want you to do for us.”

Maura looked at Titus with that inquisitive glint in her eye that had become so familiar to him this past year. “Titus? What’s going on? Are you involved with that bunch?”

“Yes, I’m afraid I am, Maura. Right up to here.” He placed his index finger just under his chin. “I’m one of the major players, but the Revolutionist movement isn’t what you’ve heard it to be. It’s not a tax-revolt organization; it’s much bigger than that. It’s a. . . .

Stay tuened for episode six.

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