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Will Edwinson PhotoShadow Revolution Final e-book coverGreetings, followers.  As promised, here is episode two in the saga of SHADOW REVOLUTION.

                                                      NOVEMBER 1994

Titus Coppard and his colleague, Cy Martin discuss the 1994 Republican election victory, and the impact it could have on the country. Cy is dubious. He doesn’t think it will have much of an impact. He tells Titus, “…I think we’re going to see special interest groups take the offensive like we’ve never seen before, Titus. There’s a dependency class out there, and it’s well organized. We now have an entier generation that’s been exposed to government entitlements, mandates, regulation, and high taxes. They think it’s always been this way. They have no reason to believe otherwise because they’ve never known anything else.”

Cy thinks they should move forward with their plan. He tells Titus their colleague Brian Manning has found a person who is fifty years ahead of the field in computer technology and might be a big help in the final stages of their campaign.

“You really think so?” Titus asks. “You mean something like that may actually be possible? When we first started talking about it, no one was really that serious about it, were they? I thought it would be nice but I didn’t think it was possible. I regarded it as science fiction. You, know, Star Trek stuff.”

“That’s what I thought, too,” Cy said. He tells Titus he thinks they can recruit this gentleman to their cause. “Oh, and by the way,” he said, did you know that Brian is under autit by the IRS?”

“No, I didn’t,” Titus said.  “Do you think it has anything to do with our project?”

“He’s suspicious of it,” Cy told him.  “He says the charges are all trumped up, because his records are squeaky clean.”

“Hmmm, sounds like we need to meet this new guy, and find out more about his computer expertise,” Titus said.  He tells Cy to set up a meeting.

Two days later:

Titus, Cy, Brian Manning, and the new guy, Robert Stratford, meet in Brian Manning’s office. Stratford explains that compared to his knowledge, present day computer science is little more than grammar school level. Titus asks him if he can accomplish what they want done. He tells them, no problem.

He also shows them a de-listening device he has developed. He explains to them that he thinks they are being watched by the government, and they should use extreme caution when meeting. Titus is disturbed to learn that they might be under surveillance. Stratford tells Titus that it’s his opinion that it’s more than a possibility.  “It’s more likely a probability.” he says. Titus then asks him if he is interested in joining their cause. He says he is.

They decide to move ahead with their plan, and they name it, Code Name: Operation Achilles.

They end their meeting.

On the way home from the meeting Titus gets pulled over by the County Sheriff.

Titus is thinking, I wonder why he’s pulling me over? I wonder if he spotted my and Cy’s cars outside Brian Manning’s office, and he suspects something? Robert Stratford did mention there’s a possibility we’re under surveillance.

More to come. Stay Tuned for Episode Three.  Tune in to their first convention, and learn more about their project.  Also. Brian’s battle with the IRS.

This story will be on sale later this spring at www.amazon.com. in both print and Kindle versions.

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