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HeadShot_burnedGreetings friends and followers of this blog.  A while back I said I was going shift gears and blog more about nostalgia and things of the past.  Well, current events are such that I’m afraid I’m going to have to renege on that pledge.

Most liberal Democrats of today like to tout themselves as progressives.  Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? Well…how many of us remember those famous words of Bill Clinton when he said: “it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’, is?  My definition of the meaning of the word progressive won’t be as convoluted and discombobulated as Mr. Clinton’s explanation of the meaning of the word ‘is’.  🙂 In the case of Bill ClintonProgressive Democrats, progressive means more control over our individual lives. I would say that is a bad thing.

I’m going to lay out an extreme and not very pretty scenario to ponder. Let’s say self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton, the protégé of Progressive Communist Saul Alinsky, are elected as our next president.  What can we expect?

What I would expect, first, is that the problems with ISIS would still exist, maybe expand even further.  ISIS, I have no doubt,  would manage to create an EMP that knocks down the Internet and the power grid over the United States. (Even though these peoples’ lifestyle resembles that of the middle ages, they do have the technical savvy to pull this off.) Under Bernie’s or Hillary’s socialist economic policies of income equalization and redistribution of wealth, I expect our system would collapse.   With that would come political unrest the likes of which we’ve only seen in the movies.  This would, in the minds of either of these presidents, justify the necessity of instituting martial law and suspending any future elections until the crisis is over.

But not to worry, those who are conservatives, and who believe in self-reliance have prepared for such an emergency.  They’ve laid in their two years supply of food and water, and other essential items for survival, “so we should be fine,” they say, “and this crisis will pass.”  Ooops, wait a minute, let’s rethink this a bit.  Chances are very good that during the first four years of Bernie’s or Hillary’s presidency, they have managed to confiscate everyone’s guns; they’ve more than likely snooped and know where all the survival food in the country is located, and  I expect the 4th amendment to the Constitution that forbids unlawful search and seizure of our homes for the most part has been scrapped, and they assume the authority to confiscate this food for redistribution to all.  But if they don’t do that, people will still be vulnerable to pilferers and looters because they have had their weapons of self-defense taken from them by the government.

Let’s also say that Bernie or Hillary and their minions  have redistributed all the wealth in the country to the point that the producers say “to hell with it, we work our tails off,  and the government takes most of it away from us to give to those who refuse to produce, so we’re not gonna produce anymore.” Consequently, the government prints more money to cover all the extra expenses of our would-be utopian society and the systems collapses.  Kinda reminds one of  The Little Red Hen fable I wrote about a few weeks ago, doesn’t it?.hen-clip-art-700378

The non-producers get all upset because their government “entitlement” checks stop coming, and they go on the rampage. If the government hasn’t managed to confiscate the food of those who prepared for such a crisis, these same non-producers look at those  who were diligent in years prior, making preparation for such a crisis, and say, “Hey, look at them folks over there with all that food and other things.  Those folks are greedy hoarders,  and should share their bounty with us.  It ain’t fair that they’ve got it and we don’t.  Let’s go get what were entitled to.”  So they head out for these peoples’ homes to get what they think is rightfully theirs.

Now as I mentioned earlier,  Bernie and Hillary have rounded up all the guns in the country, and the citizens have no means of protection( but the looters have managed access to guns, and they are willing to use them).  There is nothing worse than a hungry angry mob.  These folks who have prepared for the crisis, offer to share some of their bounty, but the looters say, “no, we’re taking it all, and we’ll give you what we think you need.” The people bolt their doors and board up their windows, but the looters are persistent.  They fashion a battering ram and the door comes crashing down.   They are so angry, they take it out on their victims, killing the whole family before moving on to the next well prepared home.

Dame HillaryNot a very pretty picture, folks? No, it isn’t, but we’ve brought it on ourselves by not pushing back against the Progressive movement these past 100 years, and that’s how it will be, as I see it, if Bernie or Hillary are elected, or any establishment Republican that is willing to continue on with the status quo.  I’m predicting we’re headed for a major train wreck in this country, folks, with a major upheaval and another revolution.  And it’s not very far down the road.

Have a nice day, and enjoy our liberal utopia while it lasts.


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