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Stupidity or Cupidity?—That Is The Question


Will Edwinson PhotoThis week the U.S. House of Representatives voted to retain John Boehner as House Speaker in spite of many polls that revealed the majority of Americans wanted him replaced.  I’m one of those who favored replacing him.

Former Speaker, Newt Gingrich said in a recent radio interview, that in a representative republic, representatives are sent to Congress to vote their judgment for what they think is best for the country as a whole.  I believe we are no longer a representative republic, and I believe the current crop of politicians—Democrats or Republicrats—have no idea what a representative republic really is, and they no longer vote that way.  We are not even a representative democracy(a favorite expression of Democrats and the media). Politicians now vote their own personal agenda.

Last week my friend Rube wrote a guest piece on this blog stating as how he reckoned we haveWe The People morphed into an oligarchy—government by the few.  I’m inclined to agree with him.

Take Speaker Boehner’s behavior as Speaker these past six years.  Has it been out and out ineptness based on stupidity and cowardice, or was it cupidity, a natural tendency or disposition toward greed for power and enhanced riches.  I believe it’s both, but more so the latter.

You will remember right after the election results of November 4th, he made a statement that the people have spoken, stating they want no more of the same ol’ same ol’, and he even declared we have heard the people, and we will listen; then what did he do? more of the same ol’ same ol’. He pushed a bill through—the Omnibus Spending bill—giving Mr. Obama funding for his illegal alien amnesty Executive Order as well as many other items on BO’s agenda.  An EO that many Constitutional scholars have declared unconstitutional, by the way, because it amounts to legislation, a power that is restricted by the Constitution to the Congress. So here, again, I ask: is Speaker Boehner’s motive based on ineptness and stupidity, or cupidity?

The liberals in this country—Mr. Boehner included—like to tout themselves as being Progressives, rather than liberals.  In the true sense of the meaning of the word liberal, they are correct on one point; they are not liberals, at least not in the classic meaning of liberal.  The Founding Fathers were “classic” liberals.

Today’s so-called liberals like to put forth the mantra that as Progressives, they are moving us forward out of the dark ages into a new enlightened utopian-style world.  What progressivism really means to me is, that they are progressing on the circle back to the bondage we freed ourselves from under King George III.

I will close with this:  We better be careful what we ask or vote for.  If we go the  progressive route, we might just get it, but to use Rube’s words, I reckon as how what we get won’t be liberty.

Now with that, I’ll move on to a lighter subject to tell you that my new novel, LouIsa—Iron Dove Of The Frontier is now available at www.amazon.com in both print version and Kindle. You can read more description of the book and a few excerpts by clicking on the “Books” page at the top of this website.  Enjoy.


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