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The Dumbing Down of America

 I originally posted this on Facebook, but decided to post it here to broaden its coverage.  I have expanded it a bit from the Facebook post.

“THE MIND OF THIS COUNTRY, TAUGHT TO AIM AT LOW OBJECTS, EATS UPON ITSELF”—Ralph Waldo Emerson-1837. This is taken from an article written by Susan Jacoby entitled “The Dumbing down of America” that appeared in the Washington Post, February 17, 2008.

Actually, I was quite surprised to see this piece in the Washington Post, because it has a definite conservative tone, and I have always been of the impression that the Washington Post was the “New York Times” of Washington D.C.  If you have the time (it’s a rather lengthy piece but very interesting) I suggest you google it and read it.  It’s very apropos to today.

But I digress. back to my original Facebook post.

Ms. Jacoby  goes on to say that Americans are in serious intellectual trouble. I have tendency to agree. The fact that mobs can be stirred into literally rioting, and indiscriminately destroying  other people’s property in the name of “free speech and expression,” is evidence to lend support to what she, and Mr. Emmerson assert.

To paraphrase the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, one liberal Democrat (who had the courage and integrity to tell the truth about what was–is–happening in America due, I believe,  to the Progressive movement) said dumbness has been steadily dumbed downward for several decades. Never have those words, in my opinion, been more apropos than they are today, as is evidenced by some of the comments that are made in response to news articles and Facebook posts.

The wide use of gutter language and outright insults laced with the profanity of many commenters on Facebook indicates to me, how far down our culture has descended over the years. The use of the “f” word has been elevated to common practice, as wherein years past, that word would have brought shame and embarrassment to anyone who uttered it publicly, and even to those who uttered it privately. Someone once said the miracle of America brought forth a breed of human being that was noted for its desire to do the right thing because common decency and common sense dictated common standards of conduct. Hmmmm, I wonder, have we lost that miracle of late?  I fear hat we have.

I’m currently re-reading my novel SHADOW REVOLUTION, which is a re-release of an earlier novel A HALCYON REVOLUTION originally written in 1994.  Things have played out as  I  imagined they would happen in that earlier book.  It’s almost as if the original story were  written last year instead of twenty three years ago.  Much of what the narrator talks about pertaining to the mood of the country is happening today. There is an EMP, although it wasn’t called and EMP back then, but it worked much the way as an EMP would work.

It’s a novel written for folks with a bent toward conservatism and limited government.  Liberals best not read it because it could be hazardous their health in that it may cause a significant spike in their blood pressure. There is a little romance, a bit of science fiction, and much political intrigue.  You can check it  out in several places on this webpage. It’s also available on amazon.com in print version, and in compatible formant for all five e-reader devices.



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