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The Establishment Republican Party needs more republicans.

Will Edwinson PhotoIf the national Republican Party expects to survive, it needs to stop listening to Democrats and their allies in the main stream media,  and  start listening to its real base.  There are too many Republicrats in control of the Republican Party right now.

Many  years ago, back in he early 1960s, I was a delegate to the Idaho State Republican convention.  During the general assembly, an elderly gentleman who was highly regarded in the party, gave an impassioned speech  stressing the point that the Republican Party needed to broaden its base.  He was echoing rumblings that were already resonating through the national Republican Party. That’s when the “Big Tent” scenario found its way into Republican politics, and the Grand Old Party has been deteriorating ever since. And that’s when Idaho also began to morph away from a true conservative republican state to a quasi conservative republican-Republican state.

What do I mean by a quasi conservative republican-Republican state? Prior to the 1960s, Idaho was as close to a republican state as you could get for the time; meaning republican spelled with a lower case (r) meant it was a state that believed in, and practiced, small limited government.   Since the “Big Tent” scenario, Idaho is now predominately a Republican state with a majority of Republicans in the legislature, but few, if any, republicans; hence, it is now a quasi republican-Republican state with a much larger and more pervasive government than in the  first half of the twentieth century.

In the U.S. Congress we have Republicrats the likes of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell in leadership positions  who I believe are a disgrace to GOP traditions of smaller limited government.  They are, in my opinion, recreants willing to  metaphorically trade the founding principles of our Constitution for a few pieces of silver—namely, power.  I have the same opinion of the two senators from Arizona.  Both Arizona senators, if they were honest, would switch parties.  I believe they are disingenuous.  They campaigned one way, and represent the people in a totally different way. I could also make a comment here about how I believe Senator Flake’s surname is  indicative of what he really is, but naw…. I better not go there. Better left unsaid.  🙂

How those two ever got elected from a so-called conservative state, I’ll never know.      ….Oh, come on, Will, you know darn well how they got elected.  The Republican voters had no choice, and the Democrats loved these two boys, so they voted for ‘em, too. 

It’s like Rush says, the establishment Republicans in the party aren’t for smaller limited government; the Republican Party  favors larger more pervasive government the same as Democrats; they just want to be the ones in charge of running it.  Deep down, there is very little  difference between them and the Progressive Socialist Democrats.  The Supreme Court ignores specific “language of law”, and issues rulings based on what they say was the intent of Congress when they  passed the law, and there is no push-back from the current crop of Republicrats in power.

I laud Donald Trump for having the courage to say what needs to be said.  If you listen carefully to what he said in his announcement speech,  he wasn’t attacking all Mexicans, just those illegal immigrants who are basically criminals in their own country and are coming to this country with the blessing of the Mexican government.  Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but I think the Mexican government, is party to this flood of illegal aliens entering our country.

I have no knowledge of Mr. Trump’s management style, so I don’t know what kind of president he would make; whether he would operate within the bounds of the U.S. Constitution and lead the country  in the right direction, or whether he would be more of an authoritarian (like BO wants to be) and govern with an iron fist, rather than lead.  But at least it appears he has had a bellyful of the present Republican Party establishment’s wimpy “tail between their legs” behavior.

If we’re going to save this republic for our grandchildren, and keep it from the ultimate disaster of falling back into the status of a monarchy, we need people like Trump with the courage to push back to the Progressives’ agenda.  I don’t know if Trump is the right person for the job, or not(I’m leaning more toward Dr. Ben Carson), but we need more people—men and women alike—who have the courage to push back against this pervasive Progressive movement that is taking place in the country at the present time; and we need them now.   And above all, as a people, we need to wake up.

The Mellennials, especially, need to take a little time to look up from their electronic devices and pay attention to what’s happening around them. We Ben Franklinseniors, some of which, may no longer have the energy and strength to get into the fracas, can serve as the Benjamin Franklin’s of our time, and offer our knowledge and wisdom if the Mellennials are willing to accept it.


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