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The LiberalS’ Conundrum—A guest post by Rube

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7 years ago 2008



Greetings, folks.  Well…Rube has another guest post today.  So as always, I’ll let him get right to it.  Here’s Rube.



http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-traditional-farmer-straw-hat-corncob-pipe-image24047396Howdy, folks.  Well here I am agin with another post on Will’s website. I wanna thank Will fer given me this opportunity to speak my mind.

I was a thinkin’ the other day that I reckon as how them liberals might have themselves a bit of a conundrum with the election comin’ up next year fer president  Fer instant, let’s say the Republicans nominate that Dr. Carson feller to run fer president, and the Democrats nominate that Hillary woman.  I reckon as how that might present a  problem fer them liberals.

If the Republicans  nominate a black conservative man to run fer president, and the Democrats nominate a white liberal Progressive socialist woman to be president,  I reckon as how them liberals is a gonna be scratchin’ their heads a bit wonderin’ who they should vote fer.  Do they show their racism and vote against the black guy because he’s a conservative, and vote fer the white lady so they can say they helped elect the first female president of the United States, just like they voted fer that BO feller so they could say they helped elect the first black president of the United States?

I’m a puttin’ my money on them votin’ fer the liberal socialist white lady, because as far as they’re concerned, that black feller, Dr. Carson, wandered off the liberal black plantation, and that makes him not deservin’ of their support; and they can also pat themselves on the back fer votin’ fer the first woman candidate fer president of the U.S.

Ya see, folks, in the liberal mind when conservatives vote against a black man whose policies they don’t support they’re racists,  but when a black man has policies them liberals don’t support, it’s okay in their minds fer them to vote against him. They don’t consider it racist, because it’s just that they simply don’t agree with him. They’ll just say they wasn’t votin’ against the black man; they was a votin’ for the white lady so she could be the first woman president of these here United States.  To them,  sound Constitutional principles don’t matter none, or that this particular woman has been caught in a heap of  lies;  all that matters is, she is a woman and deserves to make history, and be president.

Then to add to this conundrum(I looked up that word because I didn’t make it past eighth grade in school and I like to learn a new word ever day) there was a news story the other day that said  Algore was flirtin’ with the idea of runnin’ fer president.  (I’m told some people refer to him as “Forrest”Gore because he reminds ’em of that “Forrest Gump” feller.)

Now I reckon as how some liberals is gonna be all over me fer implyin’ that Algore might not be all that bright.  “He has an IQ of 134,” they might say.  “How dare you imply that he’s some kind of dim bulb.  After all, he did invent the Internet, didn’t he?” Well all I got to say about that is, I don’t put much stock in them IQ tests.  Sometimes tests can lie.

Fer instant, Will tells me he knew a kid in high school who was a straight A student through all four years, but when they took the IQ test in their senior year, this kid scored 85 which I reckon, accordin’ to that score, puts him well below average intelligence.  But you know what, he went on to a successful career, anyway.  So what I’m sayin’ is don’t bet all your marbles on them IQ tests; people can have good days and bad days, and them tests can go either way. I reckon as how anyone could take the same test two days in a row, and come up with different scores.

Maybe Algore is good at guessin’ answers(some people are very good at that).  Maybe he got lucky.  Maybe Will’s friend was havin’ a bad day fer some reason the day he took the test.  The worst folly about them tests, is, them  scores follow you your whole life, and with them, they bring expectations that may, or may not, be true. Fer instant, high scores bring high expectations that a person may or may not be able to deliver.  On the other hand, I reckon as how low scores could also bring low expectations that the person with a low score is able to far exceed.

Then I also read where that feller referred to as “Dopey Joe” might decide to get inta the race.  That’ll really cause a conundrum fer them liberals, because they’ll have to fuss over which one is the….   Oh, and I almost forgot that Bernie Sanders feller, who is a self-proclaimed socialist. I’m a tellin’ ya, I reckon as how them Democrats has got a doozy of a line-up to draw to.

So it’s gonna be interestin’ to see how them liberals handle their upcomin’ conundrum.   On the other hand, I reckon the conservatives have a broad field they have to trim down, also.  They’ve even got a few liberals in the mix they need to weed out.

Carly FioronaAnd I don’t know what to think about that Fiorina Lady.  The way she’s been praisin’ that Hillary lady, makes me think she’s a playin’ both ends against the middle, and I reckon as how that sounds like more “good ol’ boy politics.”  If she wants to make the cut and be the first woman president of the United States, I reckon as how she needs to concentrate specifically on what she plans to do to get this country back on track.  I’m a leanin’ toward Dr. Carson, myself, and sexism ain’t got nouthin’ to do with it.  He’s a non-politician, and I just happen to think he’s the best person fer the job.

Dr. Ben Carson






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