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Will Edwinson PhotoGreetings, fellow readers.  I’ve been running a series of previews for my new novel, and Rube sent me another post that sort of ties in with that novel, so I decided to slip it in among the current posts.  Without further adieu, here’s Rube.

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Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design

Howdy, folks: I reckon as how some people will call me a right wing radical extremist pessimist fer what I’m about ta write, but I don’t consider myself as none of those. No, siree, folks, I consider myself  a realist, and I reckon as how we Americans is a headin’ fer a heap of realism.  The Progressive movement is like a juggernaut steam locomotive with a full head of steam a runnin’ down the tracks, and I reckon as ID-1003342how that  juggernaut is on the fast track to American political suicide with not much chance of gittin’ her stopped.

I’m a firm believer in God, and I reckon as how He has a vested interest in this country because I also believe He had a direct hand in settin’ up our form of goverment. It was a sort of experiment to see if people could govern  themselves.

God bein’ omniscient, He lives outside of time as we know it, so He knew when He set this goverment up, it would eventually fail because of human nature.

It was a country founded on the citizens’ self-reliance, but He also knew that as soon as the people discovered they could vote themselves goodies from the public treasury, the whole thing would begin ta unravel. Ol’ Jake Doonuttin down at the coffee klatch don’t agree.  He says that goverment’s purpose is ta provide the peoples’ every need.

I reckon as how he thinks the phrase “Promote the General Welfare” in the Preamble to the Constitution means provide general welfare to all. Well, I reckon as how I understand his thinkin’; he’s been a livin’ off the goverment dole fer more’n half his lifetime.

Now I reckon as how them Progressive liberals would say that they are more compassionate than us so-called conservatives because they promote all them programs fer poor people.  They say us conservatives are hard hearted and mean spirited because we want ta cut back on all them government benefits that they call entitlements. Well folks ta my way of thinkin’ all them entitlements ain’t compassion-ate.  Instead of developin’ a strong self-reliant culture, they are a creatin’ a dependent culture, and that ain’t no form of compassion.

Compassion is not measured by how much you give someone.  Compassion is educatin’ people on how to be the best they can be through self-reliance.  It’s that old axiom, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish, and you feed him fer a lifetime.” Now don’t git me wrong, folks, I’m not against helpin’ the poor and less fortunate, but I reckon as how it should come from the private sector, not inefficient goverment programs.  Big goverment bureaucracies, in my estimation, breed corruption, and lord knows we got plenty of that in our goverment right now.

Ever time goverments promise to pervide all things  to all people(utopia), they end up enslavin’ the masses.  The Romans tried it, the Greeks tried it, and closer to our own time, that there Hitler feller tried it, Stalin tried it, Mao Tse-tung tried it, and ever one of them countries ended up putting the people in bondage.  The ancient Israelites learned the hard way that accepting a few niceties from the Egyptians put them inta slavery.

Goverments, by nature, ain’t benevolent; never have been, never will be.  That’s why the foundin’ fathers wanted our goverment to be as small and limited as possible.  Some people think our Constitution is a tired old worn out document that should be scrapped. Well, folks, if it wasn’t fer that so-called old worn out document,  our liberties woulda been gone a long time ago.We The People

President George Washington dedicated this country to God in his first inauguration speech on April 30, 1789. And because of that, America has enjoyed many of God’s blessin’s.  She became a country unique in the history of the world with prosperity and the God given rights and liberties that she provided for her citizens. Then about 1913, them left wing extremist liberal Progressives (hey, if’n they can call me a radical right winger, I claim the same right to call them left wing extremist radicals)began to git a hold of things, and the country has a been a goin’ ta hell ever since.  Self-reliance went out the window, and reliance on goverment  took it’s place.

Ya see, folks, I reckon as how I believe most of them Progressives that have been makin’ the most noise lately don’t really believe in God, exceptin’ that they think  goverment is God; and it seems like they been gittin’ their way. I even heard on the radio the other day that one of ‘em made a tweet on that social network Twitter that alluded to us Christians as bein’ Nazis.

Now I think somethin’ like that is enough to rankle the Good Lord’s feathers a  mighty heap, and because of that, I reckon as how that realism I mentioned earlier is a waitin’ just around the corner. Ever since them Progressives got their foot hold in this country, we been a turnin’ away from God just like them Ancient Israelites did, and God finally destroyed their country.

I reckon as how the same fate might be awaitin’ us, too, because I don’t see no way we’re a showin’ an inclination to turn back to God’s ways. We seem ta be a headin’ the other way away from His will.  We’ve kicked Him out of our schools. We’ve kicked Him out of our public meetin’s. We’ve kicked His commandments off public property. We’ve kicked Him out of some of our military branches by tellin’ Navy chaplains they can’t mention Jesus in their prayers no more. Them Progressives even tried to tell us we shouldn’t say MERRY CHRISTMAS  ’cause it might offend someone.

The list goes on and on, and  us so-called Constitutionalists ain’t entirely blameless, neither.  I’ll have ta give them left wing Progressives this much, they were smart enough to give us this socialism garbage in small spoonful doses at a time; and we stood passively by fer too many years and didn’t push back to try and stop their shenanigans.  Ya know, you can stop an avalanche from happenin’ if ya take steps early on to stop it from happenin, but if’n ya wait too long until it starst ta move, then they ain’t no stoppin’ it till it runs its course.

So ya see, folks, that’s why I reckon as how we’re in fer a big dose of realism. I don’t pertend to be such a visionary as ta know what that realism is gonna be, but I can tell ya this; I don’t think we’re a gonna like it much.  Many of them liberties that are guaranteed to us in them Bill of Rights is a headin down the road ta be taken away from us in toto. I reclon as how we’ve already lost a  good many of ‘em by de facto, and I reckon as how the day will come when it will be made official by goverment decree.

Then America will no longer be the shinin’ beacon on the hill fer others ta look up to. It will officially be just like every other country in the world, which is what them Progressives want. I don’t know who said it, but someone once said Americans will always have the kind of goverment they deserve.  I reckon as how no truer words were ever spoken. I’m a thinkin’ God will surely see ta that, one way or another. Do ya think we’ll wake up in time?

See ya next time.


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