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The Very Expensive Knockout

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I was visiting with some colleagues during the coffee hour after church some time  ago, when the topic came up of how expensive tickets for professional sporting events are these days.  That discussion brought to mind another incident I remember my parents talking about when I was a kid growing up in Grace, Idaho, during the 1940s. It involved a prominent businessman, named John Rogharr.  Mr. Rogharr was a man of considerable means who owned a large department store something akin to today’s Fred Meyer or Wal Mart superstores.  It featured a grocery department, a clothing department, dry goods department, limited furniture, and hardware.  It might even have had a little jewelry as well.

I probably don’t have the facts entirely correct about this story because I received it third hand from hearing my parents talk about it, but nevertheless, I believe it’s still an interesting enough tale to pass along.   As the story goes, Mr. Rogharr was attending a trade show of some sort in New York City, and he had also obtained a ticket to attend a Joe Louis heavyweight boxing match at Madison Square Garden.  I don’t remember exactly what he had paid for it, but for the purposes of this discussion, let’s say adjusted for inflation, it was in the $25.00 range in today’s money.  Whatever the price, I remember from the discussion, it was considered pretty pricey for those times. Especially in view of the fact that a movie ticket for an adult could be purchased in Grace, Idaho, for fifteen cents.  In retrospect, however, that $25.00 ticket was  still  cheap compared to what the same ticket would cost today.

Mr. Rogharr was a little late arriving at the Garden, and the fight was already in progress as he made his way to his seat.  It was wintertime which necessitated him wearing an over coat.  He arrived at his seat where he leaned over to lay down his coat; a move which put his back to the fighters for a mere few seconds.  As I recall the story, this all happened during the first or second round of the match.  The “Brown Bomber,” as Mr. Louis was affectionately referred to, was noted for making quick work of his opponents.  If any of them caught the punch the “Bomber” was famous for, the lights went out and the match was over.

Suddenly, Mr. Rogharr heard a large roar from the crowd, who had all jumped to their feet.  He raised his head, turned and looked down at the ring below to see the Bomber standing in a corner of the ring, and the referee kneeling over his opponent giving him the count.

It was a knockout, and to his lament, Mr. Rogharr didn’t even see the blow that took the contender down.  I suppose the one consolation was that since he lived 2000 miles away and didn’t get to New York City that often, Mr. Rogharr’s $25.00 ticket gave him an opportunity to see Madison Square Garden up close.  Some sporting events, can indeed, be very expensive.

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