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Them Ignoramuses In The Mainstream TV News Networks Are At It Again—A guest post by Rube

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Greetings, blog followers.  Rube asked to weigh in with another of his commentaries, so as usual, with no further adieu, here’s Rube.






Rube's image by Lori Corbett - Third Raven Design lcorbett@cableone.net

Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design

Howdy agin, folks.  Well, I reckon as how them ignoramus TV anchors over at the mainstream news networks are  a showin’ their ignorance agin.  A friend of mine here in Ideeho told me about a  news clip he saw on one of the mainstream news networks where them folks was a discussin’ what ta call the president’s husband if’n a woman was to be elected president.  One of ’em even said he would be referred to as “First Man.”

Shucks, folks, I’m just a plain old country boy who never went past eighth grade in school, but even I know the answer ta that one. We call a male president’s wife the First Lady,  so it stands ta reason that the husband of a woman  president would be addressed as the “First Gentleman”, since the word lady is counterpart to the word gentleman, as in, “Ladies and Gentleman.  Now why is that so hard ta figger out?

Speakin’ of female presidents, I heard that Hillary woman the other day ask on the radio: Isn’t it time we had a woman president in this country?  Well I reckon as how I don’t have no problem with that as long as it ain’t Dame Hillary.

Now I reckon as how some of you folks might be a gittin’ your feathers  rankled and thinkin’ I’m bein’ disrespectful (or what them liberals like to refer to as sexist) toward the former First Lady  when I refer ta her as Dame Hillary.  But that ain’t so, folks.  I ain’t bein’ disrespectful at all, because I reckons as how she thinks of herself as Dame Hillary, just like that British lady, Dame Margaret Thatcher, before she became Lady Thatcher; or like other British women of high rank are referred to as dames.  The title of  dame in Britain is a title equivalent to that of  a knight, ya see.  I’m a thinkin’ that Hillary woman wants ta turn this country back into a monarchy, and because she served as Secretary of State, she figgers she is entitled to be addressed with a title such as Dame Hillary.

Now, I reckon as how them Democrats just might nominate her ta run fer president, because they figger that after the disaster that BO feller has created fer us Americans, it might be kinda hard fer a man Democrat to win in 2016, so they might nominate that Hillary lady hopin’ they’d be able ta say they was the first political party ta  elect a lady president to the United States just like they been braggin’ about bein’ the first party ta elect a black man as president, even though he was not very qualified to be president.  Now don’t go callin’ me a racist for sayin’ he ain’t qualified.  I reckon as how Dopey Joe ain’t qualified, neither, and he’s white.

Now if  that Mrs. Obama was ta run fer president, and I’ve heard speculation that she might like to, and that Hillary lady was ta run fer vice-president, I reckon as how them Democrats with all their low information voters maybe could score a three base hit by electin’ the first black woman as president, and the first woman vice-president, both of which are liberal Progressives.

I reckon as how them two or three million conservatives that stayed home at the last presidential election and didn’t vote, might oughta  think about that.

Se ya next time.


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