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There’s an old saying that says: “You can’t go back.”  While this may be true, literally, I think there are times when we’d all like to go back; back to simpler days. Days when people solved their problems on their own instead of turning to government or the courts.  It seems of late, all we hear on the news is how more and more people are lobbying Washington for more laws and regulations. I remember the time when people lobbied government for less regulation and laws, instead of more.

 In spite of being engaged in a major world war, the 1940s in America was a simpler era, and neighborliness was an everyday occurrence—not just a phenomenon of some disaster.  Government was much smaller and government’s reach into our personal lives with all its regulations and bureaucratic encroachment was much less and insidious than today(except for the IRS, known then as the Department of Internal Revenue). There were only eight Presidential Cabinet posts as compared to sixteen today.  There was not the myriad presidential advisors and czars that there are today.  There was not the bureaucratic malaise that exists today.  There was a certain amount of regulation because of the war, but much of that ended when the war ended.

Even though we’re  unable to go back in reality, we can go back in our memories.  If you’d like to take a short journey back in time and perhaps revive some old childhood memories of your own, why not slip over to upper right on my home page and click on the “free download” to receive a free copy  of the prologue and first three adventures of my little book, Buddy…His Trials and Treasures. I think you’ll be glad you did.

This little book takes the reader  back into those simpler days; into the life of little Buddy Crawford, a kid who in many ways is not unlike Tom Sawyer in that he quite often finds himself in hot water for which he must pay the consequences.  Buddy’s misdeeds are without forethought, however; they happen because he is…well…he’s just Buddy.


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