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HeadShot_burnedBill Corbett has a guest post this week, so without further ado, here’s Bill.


Greetings blog followers: First I want to thank Will for giving me the opportunity to speak my piece on his blog.

I’m on my fifth reading of a novel entitled “The Harbinger,” by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. It’s a Biblical based novel taken from scripture in Isaiah 9:10, and is primarily centered around the destruction of Ancient Israel in 732 B.C. The people of that nation had fallen out of God’s will, and He had sent them nine harbingers (warnings) that if they didn’t return to His ways, He would destroy them. They ignored His warnings, and as scripture tells us, He eventually destroyed Ancient Israel, and the people were without a land of their own for twenty-five and a half centuries until 1947, when He gave them a little piece of land in Southwest Asia.

The novel goes on to compare Ancient Israel to the United States and the parallels of the two countries. Some of those parallels are uncanny and a bit scary. The reaction of the Ancient Israelites to their first attack by the Assyrians, and that of the United States to the 9/11 attack by terrorists, was exactly the same—almost to the very word. Rabbi Cahn goes on to list the nine harbingers he believes have been issued by God to the United States, but we still continue to ignore those warnings and fall away from His will.

Sycamore TreeI’m about a third of the way through this fifth reading where author Cahn is describing the uprooting of a Sycamore Tree.  In the first raid that the Assyrians made against Ancient Israel, there was an uprooting of a Sycamore, and the Israelites vowed, in defiance, to replace it with a stronger sturdier tree—a Cedar. They didn’t realize it at the time, but their defiance was not directed at the Assyrians, but rather at God. They didn’t heed His warning.

If I am interpreting this story correctly, America’s sixth Harbinger involved a Sycamore tree. There was an English Sycamore growing at Ground Zero of 9/11that was uprooted by one of the falling towers, and we, also, in defiance, vowed we would replace it with a stronger more hardy, tree, which we did. The Ancient Israelites vowed to rebuild bigger, better, and stronger buildings with hewn stone instead of straw bricks. We made that same vow to rebuild bigger and stronger.  The Freedom Tower is now complete, and it’s taller and stronger than the Twin Towers. Throughout the book, the parallels of the United States of today to that of Ancient Israel are uncanny and a bit frightening.Freedom Towerscan0018

I suspect about now, you are asking yourself, “what is Corbett’s point, where is he going with this?” Well, consider this: I’m convinced that our government was crafted with divine guidance, but America has been turning away from Him for the past 100 years; and at a greater pace in the most recent thirty years or so. Since The Harbinger was first published in 2012, there have been Supreme Court rulings, i.e., the same sex marriage decision, and most recently, the transgender bathroom decision that further indicates how our country is moving away from God, rather than turning back to Him.

All the attacks against Christianity, lately, some from the people, others from the government and the courts, further prove our falling away. We’ve kicked Him out of our schools, our government, our public buildings, and even some branches of the military. There is even a movement to take our trust of Him off our money, and our recognition of Him out of our pledge of allegiance to the flag. Our government is rife with corruption; Wall Street is rife with corruption and crony capitalism.

Dame HillaryAs much as it pains me to say this, I believe Madam Hillary will probably be our next president because I also believe she is a major player in what might be this nation’s manifest destiny.  Admittedly, I’m not a Bible scholar, but I know enough to know that throughout the Bible, God used unsavory, less than stellar characters to exact His will. Perhaps He could be using the Madam to exact judgement for our falling away. Could it be that in this case, He will use the Madam to exact His will for our final judgement and then deal with her as I’m sure He did with the Ancient Assyrians?

If I understand Rabbi Cahn’s tome correctly, the uprooted Sycamore Tree in Isaiah 9:10 symbolizes the uprooting and destruction of a government or a country, if you will; and this is exactly what Madam Hillary is all about.  She has a history of working for a stronger centralized secular socialist government in the style of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Saul Alinsky. It’s my belief her candidacy symbolizes the final uprooting of American culture and government as we’ve known it.

This is why I believe Hillary might be destined to win this election.  Cahn’s novel is fiction based on Biblical fact but considering the parallels of the United States to those of Ancient Israel in Cahn’s novel, the Madam might actually be part of God’s plan. She very well could be the fulfillment of the sixth Harbinger described in that novel; the final uprooting of our republican form of government.  It’s been four years since the first publication of his novel, and Cahn didn’t speculate about what he thought was in store for America.

Some will say the Donald is just as corrupt, or more unsavory, than the Madam. I don’t believe that. I believe he is at least committed to trying to save what’s left of our representative republican form of government that I believe God helped to create, but I also believe we may have passed the point of no return. It’s now in God’s hands. He is in control, and just as He has lost his patience with humanity a few times in the past, I fear He has lost his patience once again with, us, the people of the United States. I hope I’m wrong, and He extends His mercy to us as He has also done on occasion to others in the past.

I have no idea how long the destruction of our free republic or the punishment (bondage) would last if my scenario were to play out.  As I mentioned earlier, in the case of the Ancient Israelites, it lasted twenty-five hundred years until they were given that little piece of land in 1947. Our comeuppance could possibly extend into the end of days.  I’ve had the feeling for several years that the United States would be the last bastion of “peoples’ law” vs. rulers’ law on earth. Could I be right?

We have a little more than seventy days until we will know if the Madam may indeed be our president and thus fulfilling our sixth Harbinger as described by Cahn. Again it pains me to say this, but I’m afraid she will be. We will have brought it on ourselves. It’s been said that Americans will always have the form of government they deserve. It goes back to the scriptural passage: “For whatever a man soweth, that also shall he reap.” 

I wish to thank Mr. Corbett for this post, and to take this opportunity to remind you about my latest novel, SHADOW REVOLUTION. You can read a little bit about it on the flyer below.  Have a nice day.


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