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Why Is That Trump Feller So Popular With The People and Not With The Establishment Republicans—A Guest Post by Rube

HeadShot_burnedGreetings folks.  Well, Rube asked if he could weigh in again today.  He had some observations that coincide with mine, so I said, “yes, by all means, let’s see what you have to say.”  So as usual, without further ado, here’s Rube.





Rube's image by Lori Corbett - Third Raven Design lcorbett@cableone.net

Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design

Howdy, folks.  I was a listenin’ ta that Rush Limbaugh feller on the radio the other day, and I reckon as how he said some things I just had to agree with.  He was a talkin’ about that Trump feller and why he thought Mr. Trump was so popular.  He said them establishment Republicans is a havin’ a tizzy fit gittin’ their shorts all bunched up over tryin’ to figger out why that Donald feller is so popular, and they is plumb scared to death about his popularity.

The DonaldWhat was interestin’ to me was his take on the reason them folks is so scared.  That Trump feller is a cuttin’ inta their gravy train.  Ya see folks, he is a fundin’ his own campaign, so he isn’t spendin’ a lot money fer things such as speech writers, consultants and analysts, and advisors of every sort or another.  Most of them other candidates hire a bunch o’ people who tell them they gotta do this, or they gotta say that, in order to get the votes.   But Mr. Trump is a provin’ them analysts and advisor type folks ain’t really needed.  I reckon as how he’s provin’ them folks is all just a bunch of windbag pompous jackasses who I reckon as how don’t know didily squat about anythin’ they’re talkin’ about.  He’s a followin’ his own instincts and it’s workin’; and them folks in the media, and all them other folks who make tons o’ money off them politicians is in a real tither ’cause if he is successful in winnin’ this campaign,  other politicians might see the writin’ on the wall and realize they been throwin’ good money after bad all these years to all them so-called experts, and them folks ain’t really all that productive.  Them professional advisors, analysts, and speechwriters is worried  that their gravy bowl might not get filled up again, and  I reckon as how that might be a good thing. In the future, maybe we might git some people running fer office who can think fer themselves.

Now I reckon as how  I still don’t know if that Trump feller will make a good president or not, but I’m purty sure he ain’t no professional politician, and that part of him, I like.  I reckon as how he appears to be a feller that follows his own instincts instead of listenin’ to a lot of pointy headed intellectuals who is full of nothin’ but a lot of hot air and who is overly impressed by their own self-importance.

In the old days, I used to enjoy watchin’ the sit-coms on the TV.  The new sit-coms, in my estimation ain’t much good.  They even have to insert them phony laugh tracks inta the shows in order to get a laugh.  Exceptin’ there is a form of sit com on TV today that I find kinda amusing.  It’s the weekly roundtable discussions with a bunch o’ them pointy headed intellectual news commentators, and other types sittin’ around a table a talkin’ to themselves and tryin’ to convince us so-called common folk of what we should be a thinkin’, and how we should be a votin’.

Another thing I agree with that Rush Limbaugh feller about is, that he reckons as how them establishment Republicans ain’t any more interested in shrinkin’ the size and scope of geverment anymore than them Democrats.  They’re on the gravy train, too, and they ain’t got any hankerin’ ta git off. As I said in one of my other guest posts on this blog, we only have one major political party in this country operating under two differnt names, Democrat and Republican.  They oughta merge and call themselves the Republicrat Party.

In closin’, take it from an old railroader who never went past eighth grade, and who reckons as how America is headin’ fer some rough roads ahead.  Maybe even fer a major train wreck.  I reckon as how this next election is really gonna be a major cross road.  Statue of LibertyWill we veer off to the right a bit toward that beacon of freedom, or will we take a sharper Train Wreckleft turn toward a major train wreck?.

See ya next time,




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