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Will Hillary Be Indicted, But Not Go To Jail?—A guest post by Rube

Will Edwinson 2015Greetings, folks:

Well, Rube has another guest post this week, and I must tell you it’s a bit of a doozy, but perhaps not outside the realm of possibility, so I’ve decided to give him the forum to cite his case.  Without further ado, here’s Rube.





Rube's image by Lori Corbett - Third Raven Design lcorbett@cableone.net

Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design lcorbett@cableone.net


Howdy folks. Well, first I wanna thank Will for lettin’ me share some of my thoughts about  that Hillary lady who has been in the news quite a lot the past few weeks with all that talk about her emails. I reckon as how things ain’t lookin’ too rosy fer the former First Lady and Secretary of State. Seems as how the more she tries to explain things away, the more sticky they git.

Fer instant, first she says she didn’t have no emails; that she dumped ‘em all when she left the Secretary position. Then it turns out it was discovered she still had some left on her server. She says that those was personal emails and had nothin’ to do with her former job. Yeah, I reckon as how I believe that like I believe birds don’t fly. Then she says that not any of the emails on her personal (illegal?) server was classified. Then others that she thought she had dumped were discovered, and  it’s discovered some were classified.  And just lately, more breaking news says the Russians were hacking her emails. Them regular news folks won’t tell us if they succeeded in getting in, but I reckon as how I already know the answer, anyways. Seems as how ever time she opens her mouth, she ends up with her foot in it.

Dame HillaryWell, the way I got it figgered,  she had no business usin’ a personal email server when she was in a highly classified position.   But  what I really want to talk about here today is  what is the real motive behind them leaks to the FBI?  Is it a pre-planned destruction of that Hillary lady?    Ya see, the way I got it figgered there ain’t no love lost, fer whatever reason I don’t know, between the Clintons and them Obama folks what’s a livin’ in the White House right now, and I figger  them Obama folks and their minions don’t want that Hillary lady a runnin’ fer president of the United States.

Maybe it’s because that Obama feller and his minions hasn’t quite finished the job of “fundamentally transformin’  America,” and they’re ‘fraid Hillary won’t carry on the task as readily as that self-proclaimed socialist feller Bernie Sanders, or that other feller who some folks say don’t know up from down—or even what time it is.  You know, that feller  who says the best way to scare off someone tryin’ to break into your house is to run outside and fire a shotgun in the air to scare ‘em off.  What’s his name?—Joe somethin’ or other.  Maybe they they figger there’s enough low information voters and entitlement recipients in the country to elect one of them two losers.  Dopey Joe

Or maybe it’s because they figger that Obama feller has got the country so screwed up that a prominent Democrat ain’t got no chance of winnin’ the next election, so they decided to give the people a throw away candidate, so’s they can save electin’ the “first woman president”  fer a later time. But in all fairness to that Obama feller, it ain’t entirely all his fault that the country’s so screwed up, he’s just the icing on that big Progressive socialist cake them socialist liberals has been a cookin’up fer the past hunderd years or so.

Now what I’m wonderin” is this.  Did  someone leak stuff to the FBI about that Hillary lady, and if they did,  are they a gonna keep on feedin’ leaks to the FBI and eggin’ them folks on till they indict Ms. Hillary so she’ll have to drop out of the race? BO I

Then the way I got it figgered,  I reckon as how  that Obama feller who’s actin’ as our president might pardon her so she won’t have to go to jail, just to show the Clintons there ain’t no hard feelin’s on his part.

Oh…me, I reckon as how them Foundin’ Father fellers is all a shakin’ their heads in dismay right about now a watchin’ all the corruption and other goins’ on in the country they sacrificed so much fer to give us our freedom, and we’re a screwin’ it up royally.  Like that Fiorina lady that’s a runnin’ fer president says, the goverment no longer serves the people.  Them that’s in control is only interested in preserving the status quo and their cushy jobs.  I reckon it’s time we cast the foxes out of the coop before they eat all of us chickens.

But to git back to my original point of this post; after all is said and done, will Hillary go to jail, or will that Obama feller pardon her? That’s the $64.00 question.  If’n ya ask me, I think he will.


See ya next time.


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