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Will is right about the Republicrats—A Guest Post by Rube

Will Edwinson PhotoGreetings again, folks.  Well…Rube wanted to weigh in with some comments of his own about my last blog post.  So as always, without further ado, here’s Rube.





Rube's image by Lori Corbett - Third Raven Design lcorbett@cableone.net

Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design

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Howdy agin’, folks.  Well…I reckon as how I gotta say I agree with Will about his callin’  them establishment Republicans a bunch of Republicrats.   They ain’t nothin’ more’n a bunch of liberal Democrats in Republicans’ clothin’.  Like Will says, they talk the talk, but they sure don’t walk the walk.   And the liberal media and them RINOs in the Senate and the establishment Republican Party is a givin’ that poor ol’ Senator Ted Cruz a hard time fer gettin’ up in the Senate and sayin’ what needs to be said.  Trouble is, that Senate body has been a good ol’ boy clique fer too many years, and Senator Cruz’ remarks knocked most of their  noses out of joint.  And them establishment Republicrats don’t like that Trump feller, neither, because he’s sayin’ what them coward Republicrats are afraid to say, and he’s got ’em all spinnin’ on their heads like a bunch a spin-tops.

I reckon as how them Republicrats in both houses of congress spend a lot of time pattin’ each other on the back and blowing smoke up each other’s rear ends.  It’s time the smoke was cleared away, and things are said that needs to be said. When one of them Senators lies to another Senator, he needs ta be called out on it.  And Senate decorum be damned; I reckon as how Senator Cruz did the right thing by callin’ that Senator McConnell feller out fer lyin’ to him.  I reckon as how that Senator McConnell feller thinks that just because he’s the Senate majority leader, he has some sort of elitist privilege—but he don’t.  He’s just ordinary folks like the rest of us and we need to be holdin’ him to the same accountability.

I reckon as how Senator Cruz is as frustrated as the rest of us with the way them Republicrats is actin’.   I also reckon as how the air conditioners in Washington D.C. are a workin’ overtime with all the hot air that them Republicrat and Democrat politicians is blowin’ around. It’s time all this political blow hardin’  is stopped, and them politicians start bein’ straight with the people.

Ya see folks, that’s what’s wrong with our goverment today.  We got too many professional politicians that think’ just because they hold some kind of government position, it makes them privileged  elitists,  but it don’t.  This government was set up so the people representin’ us in Washington was supposed to be people just like us, and they was meant to be our servants, not our masters.  The Foundin’ Fathers didn’t intend fer members of Congress to become elitists.  Senator Cruz was just pointin’ that out to Senator McConnell; and I reckon as how them Senators who came down on Senator Cruz fer doin’ that, had no cause to criticize him fer it. And I reckon as how all of us who feel the same way, ouhta be callin’ Senator Cruz’ office and praise’ him fer his courage.

And I reckon as how it’s time to throw what’s been bein’ done in Congress the last hundred years or so to the wind and start a Constitutional uprisin’.  These new freshman legislators need to unite behind conservative Senators Ted Cruz,  Rand Paul,  Marco Rubio, Mike Lee,  and other conservative Constitutional senators, and quit bein’ told what to do by the likes of them RINO Republicrat senators Orrin Hatch,  John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and any other Republicrat senators.

Speakin’ of Senator Hatch, he was a purty good senator ’till he started hangin’ out with that, rake, Senator Ted Kennedy; now he’s wanderin’ more’n more  into the left lane than he oughta be. He sure ani’t the same Orrin Hatch that wrote the forward thirty-five years ago  to Cleon Skousen’s book, The 5000 Year Leap. He needs to retire.  So does that Senator McCaine, who don’t even qualify as a Republicrat. I reckon as how he’s a full fledged Democrat through and through.

And I recknon as how the same kind of rebellion needs to start over in the House of Representatives, also.  Speaker Boehner, in my estimation,  ani’t no  better’n them senators I been talkin’ about.  To my way of thinkin, he’s a recreant and a bully that excoriates, vilifies, and demonizes, those who rebel agin’ his cowardice and his avarice for power and postion. I reckon as how there needs ta be a virtual uprisin’ in the whole Congress; startin’ a new Declaration of Independence away from the status quo.

The present establishment Republican Party is suckin’ up to, and kissin’ the derrieres,  of them liberal Progressive Socialist news media pundits. I reckon as how they think this will curry some kinda favor with them numbskulls.   Just to show ya how them news people  think, I was readin’ a news story just this week and they was bemonin’ the fact that a retired neurosurgeon that they said had no executive experience would be allowed to participate in the Republican debates, but a Senator who had twenty years congressional experience would be excluded.

Well, I reckon as how if you was to ask me, that’s the way it oughta be.  We don’t need no more of them professional politicians at the helm. That’s how we got into this mess in the first place.  And the difference between electin’ Dr. Carson and that Ohama feller (who also had no executive experience) is, that at least, Dr. Carson has some grey matter between his ears and can stand on his own two feet. That’s more’n I can say about  that BO feller who appears to be nothin’ more than a narcissist puppet with a puppet master pullin’ the strings.

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Now to git back to this Republicrat thing.  As I said before,  it’s time for a general uprisin’ in the ranks of the establishment Republican Party.  All us folks who want real republicans representin’ us in government need to leave the establishment Republican Party and build up the Constitution Party.  I reckon as how that would force all the liberal Republicans to join the Democrats formin’ the Republicrat Party, then we’d be back to two major political parties like Will said, instead of one party operatin’ under two separate names..

We’ve got the power if we hang together.  If we don’t exercise that power, I reckon as how  it’s that deep abyss fer us that Will talked about—and sure bondage.

See ya next time,


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