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Yep, I Really Think I Got That Trump Feller Figgered Out—A Guest Post by Rube


Greetings, blog followers.  Well Rube has another guest post he wanted to share with y’all, so without further ado, here’s Rube.

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Rube’s image by Lori Corbett – Third Raven Design



Howdy folks:

A couple a weeks or so back, I wrote a piece about how I reckoned as how that Trump feller would drop out of the presidential race at some later date. Well, I reckon as how I mighta been right.  I see on the news where he says he is not gonna take part in the upcoming January 28 debates on Fox News.  He says it’s because he don’t like that Megan Kelly lady, or that she don’t like him.  I reckon as how that’s just an excuse fer him to set the table fer his droppin’ out of the race.

The DonaldYa see folks, like I said in my last post, I don’t figger he ever really wanted ta be president of these here United States. He really don’t have time fer bein’ president.  His business is too important to him. All he wanted was ta shake them establishment Republicrats up, and to get the conservative base all fired up, and I reckon as how he sure as heck did that.  He’s also woke up a few other folks, too.  Down at the country store coffee klatch, Ol’ Jake Dewnuttin’ was really shook up and afeard Trump is gonna get elected and cut off all his freebies.  He should be scared.  Ol’ Jake’s a been livin’ off goverment  handouts all his life(kinda like that Onslo feller on that British TV show, Keepin’ up Appearances).

Ya see, the way I got it figgered, this Trump feller’s a thinkin’ if’n he pulls’ out of the debate comin’ up it’ll git them folks in Iowa all stirred up and fightin’ mad and they won’t vote fer ‘im in the Iowa caucus on Monday.  I’m a thinkin’ he’s a hopin’ he’ll get trounced in Iowa and he’ll have a good excuse to drop outa the race with out losin’ face; but if’n that’s his stragefy, I ain’t so sure I agree that it’s a good strategy–he might still win in Iowa , anyway.

Repulicrat Logo

Republicrat logo

I reckon as how he’s kinda painted himself into a corner.  He’s bein’ accused by some of his fellow Republicans of not bein a conservative Republican.  A good portion of his earlier remarks that points to his former so-called liberalism are a comin’ around to bite him in the back side of his anatomy.  Now I’m not saying’ that I don’t think a person can see the light and change his or her  thinkin’, but I still don’t know if’n I really trust that Trump feller or not.  I reckon as how, if nuthin’ else, tho, his antics has  woke  up a lot of them wimpy establishment Republicrats.

The way I got it figgered, Mr. Trump, although being a liberal in most areas fer a good portion of his life, he is still a capitalist; and he began ta see the writin’ on the wall and how them progressive socialist liberals was screwin’ up the playin’ field for capitalists. He feared his businesses would soon go down the tube if we continue on our present course.  So he decided he had ta do somethin’ ’bout it. He decided ta git inta the race fer president.

Ya see, folks, as I got it figgered, his bein’ in the race and his antics and grand standin’ the past six months has separated the wheat from the chaff and also pulled some of the other more conservative candidates, like Carson, Cruz, Rubio, and that Carly Fiorina lady(although she has fallen back Dr. Ben CarsonCarly Fioronadown a bit in the polls lately) up to the top of the heap right along with him, and demoted them establishment Republicrat candidates, Bush, Kasich, Huckabee, and Christie, to the bottom of the heap; even caused one or two others ta drop out of the race.

So come Thursday we’ll see if sticks to his guns to skip the debate, and if he does; come Tuesday,  after the caucus is over, we’ll see if I’m right or wrong about them Iowa folks bein’ mad enough to give the nod to somebody else, and if he pulls out of the race altogetherTed Cruz.

See ya next time,


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